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Taking a look down memory lane...
Below you will see the guests we hosted during 2009.

Guest List for 2009

Jim Sharp

...if you weren't there you missed a very special night

Taffy Thomas - tynefolk Interview

7.30PM - This was recorded on CD - now in Production.

George Welch

This is how George describes himself:
"I was born in St Peter's which is as near as you can get to Byker, I was the first born so I had no hand-me-downs and from birth to the age of twelve years I was to be found naked. I do what I do to the best of my ability... so there you go..."

William Pint & Felicia Dale

"William Pint and Felicia Dale rank among North America's most exciting interpreters of music based in the traditions of the British Isles and France... Their fine repertoire is accompanied with Guitar and Hurdy Gurdy - making for a unique, unconventional but spine-tingling sound... unique and mesmerizing"

Tom McConville - BBC Folk Musician of the Year 2008

tynefolk Interview - 7.30PM start
Appearing with Dave Newey on guitar. Scintillating fiddle, a silky smooth voice, a wide grin and a dry Geordie wit.

Northern Girls -

Performance by our very own North Eastern Singers:

Hannah Hutton from Rothbury in Northumberland and is a much-admired performer of songs from the border tradition. Her late husband was the great Northumbrian piper, Joe Hutton.

Anni Fentiman is usually heard with her husband Dave Webber. A rare chance to hear Anni on her own. As a solo singer Anni has some great and unusual material.

Anne Lamb is a recent and welcome addition to the Local Folk Scene. Anne is becoming very much appreciated for her own unique interpretation of song.

Joyce McLeod with her wide range of North East, maritime and traditional folk material, Joyce's strong and powerful renditions are always well appreciated.

Dan McKinnon - USA

Award-winning singer, guitarist, songwriter and historian Dan McKinnon hails from the Canadian Maritimes, an area rich in the musical and cultural traditions of the North Atlantic. His warm baritone voice, superb guitar arrangements and original compositions have won this native Nova Scotian widespread praise. Also a great performer of Stan Rodger material.

Kipling Programme

Extracts from Road to Mandalay and The Widow performed by Dave Webber, Anni Fentiman & Brian Peters. The whole night will be turned over to this one off and unique extravaganzer - Not to be missed.

Hughie Jones - tynefolk Interview

A member of the Spinners folk group until their disbandment at the end of 1988. Hughie and the band made over 30 LPs and were one of the top International Folk Groups. A great singer, guitarist and song writer with a definite maritime flavour. Not to be missed.

Jerry Epstein - USA

A great performer with a renowned knowledge of traditional music. With Ralph Bodington, who is one of the finest old-time banjo players. Not often in the U.K.

Club Swap

Home Match - Welly to tynefolk.

Lester Simpson

Lester Simpson is possibly best known as one of the essential thirds of that long established firm, Coope, Boyes and Simpson. As a solo performer he is renowned for his singing and songwriting and skills on melodeon and pipes.

Jeff Warner

"Firsthand experience, married to complete mastery of traditional [music], and allied to a natural voice and dry, understated humour in the American vein of Missourian Harry Truman and Mississippian Mark Twain" - The Chronicle-Herald, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

A great singer, fine long - necked banjo player and expert on the 'Frank and Anne Warner collection'.

Carolyn Robson - tynefolk Interview

Although Carolyn definitely needs no introduction to her native North East it needs to be said that her voice has a maturity and calm that carries the listener easily through an evening of pure delight.

Chris Forster

English, but since 2004 resident in Iceland, Chris Foster is a master of his trade. Alongside Nic Jones, Dick Gaughan and June Tabor, he established himself in the 1970's as one finest interpreter's of the traditional ballads of the British Isles.

Gammon Dearman & Harrison

Are great singers and musicians of particular southern English material and their album 'Black Crow White' is outstanding. Vic is now director of the Newcastle Folk degree course and a tynefolk club member so all of you regulars will know what to expect from our adopted Geordie and his great friends.

Club Swap

Away Match - tynefolk to Welly.