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Taking a look down memory lane...
Below you will see the guests we hosted during 2007.

Guest List for 2007

Johnny Handle & Chris Hendry

Chris is a fine Scottish traditional singer accompanied by husband Johnny Handle, a regular club member and great Geordie talent. This is a rare combination and should not be missed.

Brian Watson - tynefolk Interview

One of the finest Tyneside singers you'll ever hear. However, depending upon his fancy, his repertoire also covers Australian songs and some great Maritime material. A privilege to hear and to know.

"I've never heard a man with so much music in his voice" so said by Martin Carthy.

Bryony, Kathy Barclay, Ailsa McKenzie & Alison Younger

A ladies harmony group of great renown. Extremely popular during the 80's starring at many major festivals. Recently reformed and appearing in the North East for the first time. Exponent's of Hammer Dulcimer. Appellation Dulcimer, Keyboards and Harp they are definitely not to be missed.

Tom Spiers

Tom is a true gentleman and a great Scottish singer and musician with a unique repertoire and sound. He appeared here last year a part of Shepherd, Spiers and Watson. Here is an opportunity to hear him as a solo performer.

Martin Wyndham Reid - tynefolk Interview

One of my first influences in folk music was the beautiful rendition of songs by Martin. A stalwart of the folk scene for over forty years, we are looking forward to this interview and performance.

The Wilson Family

It is so easy to keep doing the yearly club swaps with 'The Welly', Wolviston and just getting snippets of these great voices. So, apologies for taking so long to ask them to tynefolk - get ready for a big sound and wall- shaking choruses and unique patter...

Carloyn Robson

The prodigal returns again. Our own home grown honorary club member from the deep south. Now a great success with Craig, Morgan and Robson and, we have managed to persuade her (it didn't take much) to make a solo' return.

Brian Peters

A great musician and singer of English folk song. Brian has appeared at all major festivals over the years in the UK and USA as a solo artist and on occasion sharing many a great line up.

In my mind one of his most memorable performances was as 'Tommy' in the wonderful production of 'The Widow's Uniform', in the not too distant past, singing some of the best of Rudyard Kipling's poems put to music by the great Peter Bellamy.

Tom McConville - tynefolk Interview

If not the best fiddle player you'll ever hear then he must come close. Add to that his interpretation of song and you have a unique combination. Then to cap it all, I know you'll enjoy his dry wit and as he would say 'Geordie humour' a great credit to Folk Music and Geordie Culture.

Club Swap

Home Match - Welly to tynefolk.

Anni Dearman, Vic Gammon & Steve Harrison

Are great singers and musicians of particular southern English material and their album 'Black Crow White' is outstanding. Vic is now director of the Newcastle Folk degree course and a tynefolk club member so all of you regulars will know what to expect from our adopted Geordie and his great friends.

Gordeanna McCullock - tynefolk Interview

Roy Harris once said 'Gordeanna can sing. She really can. Her voice is a strong, sweet, and flexible instrument, wide of range and capable of a variety of tones. She can produce a pure, crystal clear sound, and she can broaden or harden the timbre whenever the songs calls for it - a work of a true singer - one who gets inside her song the better to sing it out.'

Hear her and you'll agree... I certainly do.

Dave Webber and Anni Fentiman

What can you say that hasn't already been said about these two amazing entertainers. Anni's harmonies haunt you they are so clever but never contrived and Dave's voice must be one of the best in Folk Music...

We are honoured that they visit tynefolk on a regular basis but this is a chance to hear a full night of fantastic songs and singing... We're not biased by the way.

Club Swap

Away Match - tynefolk to Welly.