Previous Guests

Apart from the guest lists shown, here are a few other names that have appeared over the years at tynefolk, often more than once.

Keith Kendrick

Dick and Carol Holdstock (USA)

Hoolie (USA)

Alison McMorland and Geordie McIntyre

Shep Wooley

The High Level Ranters

Bernard Wrigley

Chris Coe

Tony Rose

Louis Killen

Mick Ryan

Bob Davenport

Cyril Tawney

Pete Coe

Jim Mageean

Bob Walser and
Julie Young (USA)

Ray Fisher and
Colin Ross

Norma Waterson

Tom Gilfellon

The Elliots of Birtley

Bob Davenport

Norma Waterson

Ray Fisher and
Cilla Tresize

Bernard Wrigley

Mike Waterson and
Jill Pidd

Johnny Collins

Will Noble