Graham Pirt - MINERS UNION

Graham Pirt Graham Pirt - Miners Union

It has been a part of our lives for hundreds of years. Newcastle upon Tyne became the commercial centre of the North East because of it. It runs in the blood and has blackened the faces of a million north eastern miners.

But, in truth how many of us know the real story of the history, the highs and lows and the tragedies which are woven into the extraction of the coal which made the region great.

Graham Pirt's presentation, entitled Miner's Union, soon addressed that situation. Through the medium of lecture and visual image, interspersed with the powerful songs that illustrate the plight of the coal miner, we were given an insight into the life of the miner from the early 12th century through to the demise of the pits in the 1980's.

Graham captivated those present with an enlightening, interesting, as well as a personalised account of the region’s coal mining legacy.

And the songs...

Thanks Graham. It was an education, a pleasure and just wonderful to hear the songs in context.