Gavin Davenport at tynefolk

Gavin Davenport Gavin Davenport Gavin Davenport

Gavin is a singer, writer and performer of folk music within the English tradition and highly accomplished on guitar, cittern, mandolin, Anglo concertina and clawhammer banjo as well as performing unaccompanied.

His repertoire includes a number of traditional ballads, some of which are seldom heard elsewhere and true to form he gave us two great sets including Grey Cock, the robust George Collins, The British Man of War and Young Hastings.

Another composition, False Knight - a poignant reworking of a well-known ballad commemorating the bravery in World War II of a Canadian soldier, who gave his own life to save others, including Gavin's own grandfather.

One particularly striking track is the beautifully simple A Snow White Bird, from a Dutch folk song. The snow white bird of the title delivers a love letter.

Gavin has performed for the last fifteen years in various guises with acclaimed projects including Crucible, Hekety and the Glorystrokes among others but proved at tynefolk just what a great solo artist he is.

Set list

 1st Half2nd Half
 Grey CockSeven Gypsies
 Pretty BoysPoor Old Horse
 Jolly Bold RobberRatcliffe
 False KnightSilent Alarm
 GamekeepersSnow White Bird
 George CollinsOn Board a 98
 British Man o' WarHouse Carpenter
 Young HastingsHealth to the Company