Devonport Folk Music Club

Roger and Hilary Roger and Hilary at Devonport Folk Music Club At the club At Devonport Folk Music Club

Whilst on holiday in New Zealand we took the opportunity of visiting one of the famous folk clubs in this wonderful country.

Devonport Folk Music Club meets every Monday at the historic command post, "The Bunker" on Mt Victoria, Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand.

Built on the Devonport headland in 1891 to repel a Russian invasion, the Bunker has been home to the Folk Club for over 40 years.

The Devonport Folk Club meets every Monday for a singaround. Guest appearances are usually every month. Run by Roger Giles and Hilary Condon the club attracts a good followng of both singers and non singers.

Being housed in a dedicated building, the Club has a built up a well stocked library of folk Cd's, books and memorabilia for members to enjoy. The walls are covered in posters and photographs of folkie guesst from Australia, UK and of course New Zealand.

What is really significant are the number youngsters who not only turn up but also participate. On the night we attended, an 11 year old sang 2 of her own songs to rapturous applause and several teenagers took to the floor.

We were made hugely welcome, got to sing a couple of songs and promoted tynefolk whenever possible.

If you ever travel to Auckland, take the opportunity and visit this really friendly, well run and dedicated folk club.

They would love to see you.

Lindsey & Vivienne