Cockersdale - Whitby Lifeboat Charity Evening

Cockersdale Cockersdale

With such an immense amount of talent and a wealth of great songs it is indeed a pity that Cockersdale don't perform as often as they once did. So to see them live at tynefolk was a privilege.

Val Marsden, Graham Pirt and John O'Hagan had travelled a long way to support a charity evening organised at tynefolk in aid of the RNLI and particularly the Whitby Lifeboat.

Giving their time for free, they delivered a stunning evening of the works of Keith Marsden who died prematurely in 1991 but who left his legacy in a sackful of great songs which will never die.

Great harmonies, in which the audience were able to participate, made for a wonderful, never to be forgotten experience. The melody and tight harmonies of Cockersdale, accompanied by a room full of harmonious singers, certainly lifted the rafters of the Black Bull and the Whitby Lifeboat fund has benefitted to the tune of in excess of £400 as a result of the evening.

Cockersdale performed for over two hours and gave us:

Drovers songHessle road
Jack Ashtonthe Christian song
Willie Ole Ladwhen all the world
Demolition songLeft, left, right steady man
Morley MainSt Aubin sur mer
The Mormon funeralNormandy orchards
The weavers songOld Peculiar
The ManchProspect providence

And to round off the evening a finale of I Remember Morley and the rousing Bring us a Barrel.

A superb night, will we see them again?...who knows. But I sincerely hope so.