Damien Barber & Mike Wilson at tynefolk

Damien Barber & Mike Wilson

It was shanties from the start when Damien Barber and Mike Wilson took to the floor as guests for June at tynefolk.

Damien and Mike were found singing together at Whitby Folk Week a 6 or 7 years ago and pleased, but not unduly surprised, by the product of their collective labour, they decided to venture forth as a duo. Drawing on their respective song repertoires, which includes the work of Peter Bellamy, Ewan MacColl and Mike Waterson; in addition to the many unidentifiable, but equally talented, men and women down the ages. Mike and Damien obviously delight in performing.

They opened with On Board a '98', ripped into Shiny O and the Cruel ship's Carpenter interspersed with a witty line in repartee. Al Stewart's Nostradamus was followed by Down the Moor and to close the set, First Time.

The second spot proved equally entertaining. The Green Linnet, Rag Fair and Richard Thompson's Down where the Drunkards Roll were all given the Barber and Wilson treatment. The set was finished off with the boys' rendition of Mike Waterson's The Charlady's Son, Come Write me Down, via the Copper Family and Ewan MacColl's The Joy of Living. Unable to escape that easily, Damien and Mike gave us an encore of Santa Fe before heading to their respective billets.

It should be noted that Mike drank water, all night!!!!! This fact has been recorded for posterity in the accompanying photograph.

Damien will back in the area in December appearing with the Daemon Barbers at the Cumberland Arms, Newcastle

Damien Barber & Mike Wilson Damien Barber & Mike Wilson