Heather Biggin


Heather Biggin Heather Biggin

A couple of weeks ago saw the return of Heather (Biggin) to tynefolk after a period of about 2 years swanning about in New Zealand. Heather was home on holiday and brought her parents with her who are no strangers to us all.

After a stern warning, sent in advance by courier (John) back to N.Z, Heather did bring her flute with her. It was lovely to see her again and here is photographic evidence of the new future band who may very well sweep the folk scene with their excellent renditions of Northumbrian music, good looks. charm and versatility. Probably to be named 'The Old Roped In Band' (Johnny Handle and Billy Bruce) due to their age and the fact they were all roped in.

Anyway, joking aside, we all had a great time and hope it won't be to long till we see Heather and her family back again.