A Wonderful Night

Our very own Lady Diamond turned up once again at tynefolk to thrill and mesmerise everyone who was there. The club was very well attended and we just managed to fit the twenty five or so singers in to what was a very busy night. It was nice to see Liz Conway make the journey to see Carolyn along with Don Bainbridge and his pal Jack from Ireland, then just as we got through the first part of the singers, the train from London managed to arrive on time to get Dave and Anni Webber deposited at the club in time for Carolyn's first spot.

As you all know, we have booked Carolyn at tynefolk regularly since the club started. (To the point where we had to give her 'honorary club membership' so that she could apply for a visa, she was crossing the North South divide that often!!). Anyway, It seems strange to me that Carolyn seems to be well known around the folk scene and festivals for her work with Choirs (she now runs three somewhere in the deep south). Harmony workshops (at which she excels), Her work in a trio with Moira Craig and the late Sarah Morgan which was very well received and of late, with Moira Craig as a duo. However, I don't seem to see her booked as a straight forward solo artist.

Carolyn Robson has one of the best voices on the folk scene today.

Her sound is exceptional and second to none and I believe it is getting better and better. She not only understands the history behind but also the deep feeling of her material and sets it all down in a beautiful and sympathetic way. She meets each note head on and never misses a beat whether the song is straightforward or complicated.

Her choice of material frankly could be anything she wants, but tends to be in Northern and Scottish songs and ballads. Never a dull boring rendition but always a bright and meaningful delivery. It was interesting to hear her delivery of 'Whaley, Whaley' last week and although the audience went off slightly in parts singing their own version (don't you just hate that!) Carolyn held on to every note solidly and gave a great rendition of this difficult song. Her Lady Diamond like the stone, was 'brilliant' as was 'Robin Spraggins Old Grey Mare' and the only thing that out sold her C.D's on the night was the Kleenex following the Bob Davenport song 'Down the long road'

So, back to my question of 'why not solo'. I really think that the organisers who do book Carolyn have a duty to expose this terrific voice (and Lady of course) to all of us in a Solo capacity. To all of the others (especially those lucky organisers in the South, where you have more festivals AND Carolyn lives there!)

From our point of view the 'Honorary membership' still stands and Carolyn will always have a booking at tynefolk, a statement that I have NEVER made to any other guest artist.

Wonderful night !