Ankie van der Meer and Nanne Kalma - By Lindsey Thornton

Ankie van der Meer

The place was "Ricken an' a clicken" when Ankie van der Meer and Nanne Kalma visited tynefolk in February.

Nanne and Ankie, who have been playing together since 1980, performed a number of songs in Frisian, English and Esperanto and left their audience asking for more. Both accomplished musicians they alternated on guitar, with Ankie accompanying on both mandolin and concertina.

With rich singing voices they sang a range of traditional songs as well as their own compositions. They entertained us fully with both the serious and the humourous in equal measure.

They gave us a number of fine songs from something obviously dear to their hearts, namely the celebration of the voyage of Henry Hudson and the ship the Half Moon in the quest to find the North West Passage.

But the highlight of the evening was the Frisian language workshop to celebrate the Silver Fish. Complete with words and wall chart we are now all fluent in Frisian!

Ankie van der Meer Ankie van der Meer